Hyperpigmentation can be an unwanted consequence of internal physical factors and/or external factors which can include hormonal changes, sun exposure, skin type, trauma and the skin’s natural ageing process. Presenting as areas of uneven skin tone, darkness, age spots or freckles, pigmentation occurs when excess melanin (skin pigment) has been stimulated.


Factors that may contribute to this process can be divided into external, internal and genetic triggers: 

  • Sun damage

  • Gentetics

  • Skin type

  • Hormones/Pregnancy

  • Skin trauma/Injury

  • Trauma, medications and medical conditions

What are the different types of Pigmentation? Epidermal Pigmentation (Superficial) usually affects lighter skin tones, and is usually caused by sun damage. Some examples of Superficial pigmentation include:

  • Sun spots

  • Age spots

  • Freckles


Dermal Pigmentation (Deeper) which can be caused by trauma, medications and hormonal factors, can present itself as:

  • Pigmented acne scarring

  • Birthmarks

  • Chloasma/Melasma


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