NO MORE shaving, NO MORE waxing, NO MORE pain

Unwanted hair can be a problem for both males and females. Do you want to get rid of that unwanted hair? Well you've come to the right place!


Let's face it, excess body and facial hair can be unsightly and embarrassing. Shaving, waxing, plucking and depilatory creams are inconvenient, messy and only temporary.


Super Hair Removal (SHR) is faster and safer than any other permanent hair reduction method, and can treat large areas at each session.


Here at Melbourne Laser & Skin Clinic we use the worlds most advanced technology for laser hair removal called Alma Soprano ICE. It provides safe and effective permanent hair reduction treatments customised for each individual hair. Soprano Ice is a medical grade laser, FDA & TGA cleared for all skin types (Fitz I-VI) and tanned skin.  Safe to treat all year round. Virtually No Pain, No Side Effects.



Q & A      

Is it permanent?

Regrowth is thinner and less dense after each Laser Hair Removal. More hair may develop with age and hormone changes. Laser provides long term hair growth suppression, providing excellent results in THINNING and REDUCING hair.  Grey, white, blonde and light red hairs are NOT affected by treatment. Results vary depending on skin colour, hair colour, age, hormones, medication and family history. The thicker the hair, the better the result.


How does Laser work?

The Super Hair Removal (SHR) works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth, while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.

A high repetition rate of 10 pulses are delivered deep into the dermis, achieving high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up, with virtually NO PAIN.

The sweeping in-motion technique of moving the applicator repeatedly over the treatment area ensures full coverage while ICE tech cools the skin surface-preventing superficial burns and allowing for virtually painless, yet highly effective hair removal.


What areas can be treated?
All areas of the body except the inner ear, and areas in close proximity to the eyes can be treated safely. Common areas for hair removal treatments include the upper lip and chin, full legs, bikini, underarms, back and chest.


Am I the right candidate?

The treatment is most effective for individuals who have fair skin and dark hair. Darker skin types can also be treated; however more treatments may be required.


How many treatments will I need?

A course of 6-8 treatments is recommended with a 15%-20% reduction each treatment.  This may vary depending on individuals with different age, hormonal changes, family history, medications and most commonly hair and skin types.  Some clients may need more or less and the area to be treated. 


Are there any side effects?
It is normal to experience some redness of the skin and some mild swelling which typically lasts from an hour to 24-48 hours. In rare instances the redness may last a few days and there could be some grazing or 'scabbing' which typically subsides over a short period of time. Most people are able to return to normal activity immediately.


How Do I Prepare?
The hair needs to be shaven on the day, to minimize any stubble left behind. Any remaining stubble can be shaved or exfoliated.
Avoid waxing, bleaching, plucking or sun-tanning two weeks before your treatment. Use a sunscreen on the area two weeks before treatment if sun exposed.


What’s the aftercare?

The area treated should feel warm and tender, continue to apply Aloe Vera to sooth the skin.  You need to avoid sun exposure for at least 2 weeks and apply a sun block of SPF 30 daily.

Some hairs will fall out slowly within 2 weeks, others will remain stunted and some will continue to grow at a slower rate. Re-growth can be patchy after the first few treatments as deeper follicles are slower to respond but tend to even out with later treatments.


An Aftercare instruction will be given to you after each treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare Instructions

  • The treatment should feel warm and tender for the 2 days.  Apply Aloe Vera gel to sooth the skin

  • Avoid any sun exposure for at least 2 weeks after the treatment and apply a sun block with SPF 30+ daily

  • Continue to shave area if you see hair re-growth

  • Avoid the following for 24-48 hours:

  1. The use of AHA or Vitamin A products.

  2. Hot showers

  3. Harsh cleansers and exfoliants

  4. Swimming pools and spas with chemicals/chlorine

  5. Intensive exercising

  • Stubble may appear in 4-6 weeks.  It’s burnt hair under the skin.  You need to exfoliate the area so the hair can fall out.

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